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Ailurus is not just a powerful tweaker

While Ubuntu Tweak is a dedicated Ubuntu only application, Ailurus is available for our friends, Fedora, Arch and Mint also. Now you can only go so far with these tweakers, and it looks like Ailurus has gone that extra step into taking the users deeper within their desktop! Not only is this a potent tweaker, it also aims to make your Gnome experience must more personal; and as a bonus, can teach you tricks each time you use it!

When you load up your Ailurus you are presented with quite a cluttered window, but soon enough it all becomes quite clear, its very well balanced. With Large clear icons along the top, each taking you to their own special wee place.


is quite clear and precise at telling you what your system consists of, with all the hardware and stuff there.. I notice it got quite excited about my 64bit processor. YES! YES!! And I was even shown that apparently one of my CPU cores was a few instructions quicker than other.

System Settings:

This is where our Ubuntu-Tweak fans may cringe, because there seems to be extra here that isnt in U-T. But you can figure that out for yourselves and I certainly cannot be bias towards either of these great tools! Its still awesome to play around with these.

Install Software:

Here you will find all-sorts of things to install and update if you so wish. Things you wont have even heard of. I wont spoil this part for you either, I just hope you manage to get the best out of this. Try not to add too much, as I suspect these clicks add separate PPA and these soon add up. So be careful here as its easy to overwhelm yourself with new stuff to try out.

Edit Repository:

This could be the lifesaver for some people that went a little overboard on installing software (PPAs). This will let you view all your repositories and edit them as you wish. Very useful for someone like us that clicked too many from “install software” 😉 I actually find this repository editor alot more robust and simpler than others. You have direct access to the links (lines?) in each of the files, you can edit, enable, disable with simple clicks. KAPOW! dont break it!

Fastest Repository:

One for the speed freaks. Watch though, you click something, it shoots to the top! so you click some local repositories, right click them, and let it ping them. Its quite interesting that I noted some were quicker than Virginmedia’s mirror (my cable company). But then that could be to do with my DNS edit.  It must be noted, use this for diagnostics, do not forget to leave repositories checked, or you will confuse things!


Ailurus helps you keep track of what software you have installed/removed. If you often try to use new software, you do not have to worry about messing up your system now. I have yet to try it out to be honest, as I trust my Ubuntu enough. But anyone that wishes to comment, please do.


Recent Documents, thumbnails and APT cache can be cleared up in here, as can unused Kernels (which I wouldnt start messing about with if I were you, just in-case!)

Computer Doctor:

Actually a very interesting aspect of Ailurus, it really is like getting a check up. It will give you several “ailments” it has found, tell you what could be improved, and actually let you apply the improvement. I wont spoil the surprise, but there are some really cute things here.. Apply sparingly!

Linux Skills:

We all like our skills don’t we. This is quite an extensive library of skills, tips and so on. You can set it to give you a skill to learn upon each log in, or ask for one there and then.. You can even offer to send in your own skillz if you find you are l33t enough!

Without a futher a dooble doo, get it installed!

To install Ailurus open a terminal window (press Alt+F2 and type: gnome-terminal) and copy+paste the following lines:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ailurus
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ailurus

To start Ailurus press Alt+F2 and type: ailurus

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13 years ago

I tried to install it on Ubuntu 11.04 but it seems the ppa is not working. I did some searching on Launchpad and found out that there is no version for Ubuntu 11.04 available and it’s also not listed on the Ailurus downloads page.

13 years ago

ERREUR !!! ne fonctionne pas sur la 11.04 pourquoi?


13 years ago
Reply to  dada

I m not sure if there is a version of Ailurus yet. They support Ubuntu until Ubuntu 10.10and they are still working on a version for Ubuntu 11.04.