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AssaultCube was designed to be more realistic and team-oriented than Cube while keeping Cube’s distinctive fast-paced gameplay. In comparison to other games, AssaultCube is slower than Quake but faster than Counter-Strike. There are two different teams in AssaultCube, called the Cubers Liberations Army (CLA) and the Rabid Viper Special Forces (RVSF). AssaultCube retains a movement bug from the original Cube engine that allows players to utilize straferunning to move at a faster speed. This was left intentionally unfixed by the developers because it was considered an enjoyable feature of Cube, similar to bunny hopping in Quake. Another rather unrealistic feature of


screen_thumb The game is the potential for using the recoil of the weapons (which pushes one backwards) to reach and perform moves that were previously impossible. This was also designed intentionally, allowing players to achieve faster movement and jump higher. AssaultCube’s weapons are all fictional and fill the basic niches of a modern first-person shooter: the assault rifle, sub-machine gun, sniper rifle, pistol, knife, and shotgun. AssaultCube has twelve different gamemodes excluding bot game modes and the ingame level editor:

* Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch

* One Shot One Kill and Team One Shot One Kill (Sniper rifle only)

* Last Swiss Standing (Knives and grenades only)

* Survivor and Team Survivor (Teams fight until opposing team is eliminated)

* Pistol Frenzy (Pistols, knives, and grenades only)

* Capture The Flag

* Keep The Flag and Team Keep The Flag

* Hunt The Flag

AssaultCube retains a very easy to use ingame mapping feature from the original Cube game, resulting in a variety of custom maps. Several maps from other games have been remade for the Cube engine by players – most notably, "de_dust2" from Counter-Strike. However, no remade maps are included in the official release.

Download AssaultCube here.

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