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Cairo-Dock 3.0 released

Cairo-Dock has been updated to version 3.0 (stable), adding numerous enhancements and bugfixes.


For users who prefer GNOME 2-like experiences, Cairo-Dock 3.0 now can be used as a separate session. At the Ubuntu login screen just select the preferred session



How to install Cairo-Dock 3.0?
Add the following official PPA (Lucid, Maverick, Natty, Oneiric, Precise)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

What is new in this release? :

  • The taskbar has been greatly enhanced.
  • The Log out applet has been rewritten, now allowing you to switch users.
  • The control of the dock from the keyboard is now very powerful:
    • many shortkeys have been added in several applets.
    • you can activate a launcher by pressing a shortkey + its number.
    • all shortkeys can now be managed in a single place in the configuration window.
  • The Sound Menu from Ubuntu has been integrated into the Sound-Control applet.
  • A new Twitter applet lets you tweet in one click.
  • A new applet to inhibit the screensaver in one click.
  • Separators are transparent to click in ‘Panel’ mode.
  • Cairo-Dock now uses GTK3, for a better integration in a Gnome desktop.
  • Few additions to the DBus API.
  • Text drawing (e.g. with Clock) has been improved.
  • Icons from user icons theme are now loaded with the right size.
  • The new default theme with a panel is now included in the core package.
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12 years ago

I love Cairo Dock!!! I’m using gnome-classic on Ubuntu 12.04 and of course with cairo-dock, i just don’t get it unity launcher…