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Come work with us n00bs

Have you got that unique passion for your Ubuntu Linux Operating system that has progressed onto a slight obsession.. Just like it has for us here at the n00b tower!.. You are more than welcome to come join and help out, if..

You believe you have intermediate knowledge on Ubuntu

You enjoy clicking around the internet finding new sites and articles to share.

You have more than enough time to dedicate to at-least three postings a week, which will include your own tutorials on subjects you deem suitable for other n00b users. Just like our current layout, you will be able to post when and whatever you aspire to share. Also making sure there are no dupe articles and that you use proper keywords.

We need specific people for Unity, Gnome3, and generally having one system that is always fully updated.

What benefits are in it for you? Well you really don’t need any, however, it seems the news travels fast around here, and you will get to know the best news generally quicker. Also if your a good citizen you will possibly be able to admin even more in the future. Oh and your name will be there with every article you post.

Interested? Good! Send us a short story about yourself, include your connection with Ubuntu and what skills you can offer us here at n00b towers.

To contact us click here

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