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Enable “universe” and “multiverse” software package repositories

A default install of Ubuntu only enables the standard Ubuntu-supported software sources. This is a relatively small subset of software packages that Ubuntu has hand picked to include in their distribution.


However, there are tens of thousands of packages for Linux available, and they can be made available for you to install by modifying your software sources list. There are serveral ways to do this:

  • In the ‘System’ Menu on the standard Gnome Desktop, go to Administration > Software Sources and check the two options for "universe" and "multiverse" (you can also choose restricted here)
  • You can edit your apt configuration file manually ( /etc/apt/sources.list ). Look for a line that looks like:
    deb http://... intrepid main

    And change it to:

    deb http://... intrepid main universe multiverse

    And don’t forget to run the command:

    sudo apt-get update

    afterwards, to update the list of available packages.



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