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Here We Go Again….

It’s been a long time since i wrote my last post… a lot of things have changed in my life and i needed to fit in all those changes. I won’t bore you with all the changes that took place but many of those changes are good ones. Another reason why i stopped writing posts was that i was getting tired of reinstalling all the needed programs every six months when a new version of Ubuntu was released. So i decided to drop Ubuntu for a while and to focus on the other things that needed my attention.

Now that i have some more time i started to miss Ubuntu and it’s lovely interface, desktop effects and it’s speed. And today i decided to install Ubuntu 12.10 and to give blogging another try. I’m not sure if i will be making posts daily but i will try to make some posts when i have the time for it. Because i just installed Ubuntu 12.10 i will be making some post about installing all the basic things needed to have a good working Ubuntu based system. I used to make posts about new software alpha/beta releases but like i mentioned in an older post i don’t have the time for that so i will only post about the latest stable and final releases.

I’m also thinking about adding sound to the installation videos but it’s not always possible because of the noise around me but when there is some peace and quiet there might be a chance!

That’s it for now! I now need to update the wordpress plugins i use and need to setup up my system to be able to make the installation videos.

Have a nice weekend and i hope that you will enjoy my posts!!

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