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How to install ClamAV (antivirus) from Synaptic Package Manager (Ubuntu 9.04)

Here is a manual to install ClamAV (antivirus) from your Synaptic Package Manager.

Goto System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager and search for clamav, select clamav-daemon and clamav-docs (more files will be automaticly selected) then press Apply to install the files.

After installation open a Terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and use the following commands:

# Perform a internet update

$ sudo freshclam

# Perform a scan for viruses in your home folder only in verbose mode.

$ sudo clamscan -r /home/YOURHOMEFOLDER

# or to perform a scan on all system files, only printing infected files to the screen.

$ sudo clamscan -r -i /

  When it completes you should be presented with a Scan Summary similar to the one below.

      ———– SCAN SUMMARY ———–
      Known viruses: 600570
      Engine version: 0.95.1
      Scanned directories: 1
      Scanned files: 14
      Infected files: 0
      Data scanned: 5.36 MB
      Data read: 0.54 MB (ratio 9.94:1)
      Time: 3.170 sec (0 m 3 s)

# Remove files infected with viruses.

$ sudo clamscan -r –remove /

That’s all there is 😉

Big thanks to mweenink (and Uw computer) for the help….

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