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How To Install DestroyTwitter On Ubuntu 12.04

DestroyTwitter needs Adobe Air, to install Adobe air read this article. You can skip the first part (Flash Player and Acrobat Reader) unless you still need to install those. DestroyTwitter is a powerful and lightweight cross-platform twitter client. Read more about DestroyTwiter.

To install DestroyTwitter follow these steps:

Download DestroyTwitter.
Double click on the downloaded zip file to open it.
Open the DestroyTwitter215p2 folder
Select, drag and drop the DestroyTwitter215p2.air file on your desktop
Double click the DestroyTwitter215p2.air file to install it using Adobe Air.

That is all you have to do to install DestroyTwitter. To start DestroyTwitter press the SuperKey and type: destroytwitter

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