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How To: Install Faenza Icons On Ubuntu 11.10

Here is a guide that shows you how to install the faenza icons using the tiheum equinox ppa and the gnome tweak tool. I will also show you how to change your icons using the gnome tweak tool.

First you need to install the tiheum equinox ppa, to do this open a terminal window (press SuperKey and type: terminal) and copy+paste the following line:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox

And to install the faenza icon theme copy+paste the following line:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y faenza-icon-theme faenza-icons-mono

To make any changes to the looks Of Ubuntu you need to install the gnome tweak tool. To install it copy+paste the following line:

sudo apt-get install -y gnome-tweak-tool

When installed you can close the terminal window.

Changing your icons

You can change the icons by openening the Advanced Settings, for some reason gnome-tweak-tool is called Advanced Settings when it’s installed. To open the advanced settings press SuperKey and type: advanced settings and click on the launcher. Click on the Theme option then on the Icon Theme button and select the Faenza icons you want to use.

When done you can close the advanced settings window and you need to logout and back in again.

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12 years ago

Thanks. That’s work ! 🙂