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How To Install Savage XR 1.0 On Ubuntu 12.04

One of my favourite games has been updated and released … Savage XR. I added some game info and links to and made an installation video (without sound). The video ends at the start up from Savage because i used Ubuntu installed on virtualbox to install Savage and virtualbox didn’t like the 3d part of the game ;). All you need to do is to enter a nickname and a password (register if needed) and your good to go.

Gameplay video from: HurlyBurly3027

Have you ever dreamed of playing a game combining:

the fast-paced action of First-Person-Shooting games
the depth of strategy found in Real-Time Strategy games

Savage XR brings you a radically new game style. Your commander will lead his team to fight on the battlefield. Get ready for Epic Battles and Cunning Strategy!

Will you join the Legion of Man? Or seal your fate with the Beast Horde?

Newerth awaits!

Visit newerth.comGame details

You can download and install Savage XR following these steps:
Download Savage XR from this page. And save it in your Download folder.

Before you can install Savage XR you need to make the xr_setup-1.0-cl_lin_prod.bin file executable. To do this open a terminal window (press SuperKey and type: terminal) and copy+paste the following line:

chmod +x Downloads/xr_setup-1.0-cl_lin_prod.bin

To install Savage XR copy+paste the following line in your terminal window:


To start Savage XR press the SuperKey and type: savage xr and click on the game launcher. If you want to run Savage XR from the terminal copy+paste the following line:


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11 years ago

i have installed savage xr, i got a icon in my desktop but its not executing. pls help 🙁