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How To: Move Unity Launcher Panel To Bottom Of Screen On Ubuntu 11.10

Click here to install the plugin using a PPA

You can now move the Unity launcher panel from the left side of your screen to the bottom thanks to an unofficial Compiz plugin. Please note that this only works on Unity 3D.

First open your Home folder and create a new folder and name the folder: unityshell

You may need to install lzma, to install lzma open a terminal windw (press SuperKey and type: terminal) and copy+paste the following line:

sudo apt-get install lzma

Now download the Unity plugin and when downloaded extract the content of the downloaded unityshell.tar.lzma into the unityshell you just made.

To install the plugin copy+paste the following lines in your terminal window:

mkdir -p ~/.compiz-1/plugins
cd ~/unityshell
cp ~/.compiz-1/plugins/
mkdir /tmp/unityshell
cp *.png /tmp/unityshell/
cd /tmp/unityshell/
chmod 644 *.png
sudo chown root:root *.png
sudo cp *.png /usr/share/unity/4/

Now log out and back in again.

If you use the launcher with autohide, make sure you set the reveal mode to bottom in CompizConfig Settings Manager.

Revert the changes

To revert the changes and get the default (on the left) Unity Launcher back, run the following command in a terminal:

rm ~/.compiz-1/plugins/

Then log out and log back in.

Source: webupd8

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12 years ago

Excellent work, just one bug(?) when I minimise say firefox and then maximise, there is a small gap below the window. can this be fixed?

12 years ago

not working on 12.04 (sudo cp *.png /usr/share/unity/4/) says no such directory