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How to Run Vice Using Wine On Ubuntu 12.04

This is the easy way to get the Vice C64 emulator working in combination with Wine. If you don’t have Wine installed read this post first.

To get Vice working in combination with Wine follow these steps:

Install Wine 1.4

Extract the file to any folder you want

Open the WinVICE-2.2-x86 folder
Right click on the x64.exe file
select Properties
Click on the Open With tab
Select Wine Windows Program Loader in the Recommended Applications list
Click on the Set as default button
Click on the Close button

To start Vice C64 press the SuperKey and type: x64

To create a shorcut in the launcher panel, click with your right mouse button on the C64 icon and click on Lock to Launcher.

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11 years ago

how can i get internet explore 7 to 9 in ubuntu and it should work similarly like windows.

Plz help we need the solution

Regards and thanks
Bilal Khache