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Install Firefox 5 Beta On Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”

Firefox 5 Beta is released and here is a guide to upgrade your current version of Firefox to the Firefox 5 beta version. For those who can’t wait for the final release or like to to test things…

To upgrade to Firefox 5 beta open a terminal window (press Alt+F2 and type: gnome-terminal) and copy+paste the following lines:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

The latest version of Firefox Beta has the following changes:

Added support for CSS animations
Added support for switching Firefox development channels
The Do-Not-Track header preference has been moved to increase discoverability
Improved canvas, JavaScript, memory, and networking performance
Improved standards support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, and canvas
Improved spell checking for some locales
Improved desktop environment integration for Linux users

Firefox 5 Beta release notes

Complete list of changes

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12 years ago

Please note, that there are a vast number of add-ons that simply will not work or attempt to update to this version just yet.

Also, I use still use (10.10) and there seems to be some bitch of a bug that just makes the windows display black.

Its nice to play with beta’s, especially Firefox, but this one is a no no for me just now. 😛