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My Conky desktop

This is a screenshot of my desktop. Some people asked me how I did it so let me explain

It’s simply done with conky and some scripts and fonts. All scripts and fonts can be downloaded here
First make sure you have conky installed do a sudo apt-get install conky in your terminal
Some of the scripts I used get their data using curl (sudo apt-get install curl) so make sure you have that installed too
Now in the conkyscripts.tar.gz you will find the files .conkyrc and .conkyrc3 and a folder called scripts.Unpack these into your home folder.
The fonts in the fonts folder go into /usr/share/fonts after copying them there rebuild the font cache with:  sudo fc-cache -f -v

Now you are almost there, some adjusting to the scripts and you are good to go

Gmail script:
open the .conkyrc file in your favourite texteditor and look for the following line:
${color ffffff}${font Sans:size=10}@${font Sans:size=8}${execpi 300 python ~/scripts/ USERNAME PASSWORD 3}

replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with whatever is relevant for your account

Weather script:
Weather data is imported from the BBC website, to adjust it to your location open the
bbcweather file in the scipts folder and follow the instructions there

To do list:
The to do list is imported from remember the milk, just open the rtm file in your scripts folder and adjust USERNAME and PASSWORD


That’s now just fire up conky. Press ALT+F2 and start conky. This will start conky on the left side. Now press ALT+F2 again and start the right side with conky -c .conkyrc3

More info on all variables used in conky is available on the conky website
Now get creative and make your own and send us your screenshots!



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