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NZB Files, Newsgroups and Usenet

Disclaimer: By writing this article I do not I endorse, encourage or otherwise support piracy, nor can I be held liable in the event someone should follow this guide to pirate. Like BitTorrent, Usenet and newsgroups have legitimate uses.

The easiest way to think about nzb files is the following: what .torrent files are to BitTorrent.. are .nzb files to Usenet. The files contain no actual files, only information about where and from whom to download the files. Don’t compare downloading off servers to downloading from bit torrent trackers. A server gives you a dedicated single connection and most of the time you should expect to max your download bandwidth. With bit torrent you’re literally at the mercy of other torrent downloaders. General rule is private trackers are far more reliable than public. You should expect to max your bandwidth on a private tracker, subject to usual .. number of seeds, leechers. And on a public tracker, everyone’s usually speed limiting. When going about downloading something with Usenet newsgroups, you typically want to look for and download the nzb file and then load that into your favorite download client. I prefer to use SABnzbd, this is an easy to use program that also repairs (if needed) and unpacks your downloads… it does all the work for you 🙂

To use newsgroups, you will need a Usenet service provider (NNTP – Network News Transfer Protocol). There are many options to choose from (use your google skills). Some are free while most are only for pay with strict download limits unless you opt for the unlimited package. is one of the most popular providers and with good reason… Giganews hosts over 100k newsgroups.

Typically, a newsgroup is focused on a particular topic of interest. Some newsgroups allow the posting of messages on a wide variety of themes, regarding anything a member chooses to discuss as on-topic, while others keep more strictly to their particular subject, frowning on off-topic postings. The news admin (the administrator of a news server) decides how long articles are kept (retention) on his server before being expired (deleted). Different servers will have different retention times for the same newsgroup; some may keep articles for as little as one or two weeks, others may hold them for many months. Some admins keep articles in local or technical newsgroups around longer than articles in other newsgroups.

To search for NZB Files there are many sites to choose from (use your google skills) here are some to start with…


Good luck and have fun!!



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