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Rebuilding n00bs on Ubuntu

I haven’t been blogging for man years but i always kept my site up-to-date as best as possible. I upgraded WordPress to the latest version and that was about it. All the plug-ins i use were working fine until a few months ago. So it was either taking n00bs on Ubuntu offline or spent some time to rebuild it… i decided to do the last.

Upgrading WordPress didn’t go to well using the automatic update function from WordPress so i had to do it manually. After upgrading WordPress i removed all the obsolete plugins and replaced them for newer and working ones ;). I also wanted to use a new layout for n00bs on Ubuntu but i didn’t want to build a complete new layout. i looked into the list of installed layouts and (re)discovered this old layout i build in 2012. It originally had 2 sidebars but the second right sidebar was way too small to be off any use. I removed the useless sidebar and it looks a lot better with one sidebar. Another thing i had to change was the header because it wasn’t “clickable”. You could click on the banner but it wouldn’t bring you anywhere then on the page you already were. For some reason i couldn’t fix that in the theme editing options so i had to change the header script to make it work.

Other new additions are the little “content” slider on the main page and the wallpaper galleries. Just like some other plugins i had on my site the old ones stopped working. After some searching i found a plugin called Slider by Supsystic ( This slider plugin is perfect for the kind of sliders i want to use and i also happens that the plugin can be used to create some nice wallpaper galleries.

n00bs on Ubuntu is starting to look good again and maybe i’ll pick up blogging again…

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