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Samba Filesharing For Android

One of the applications i use to connect to my phone and browse for files and folders is Samba. With Samba you can access your Android device over wifi as a Windows shared folder.

Download and install Samba Filesharing from google play.

When Samba is installed click on the open button to start Samba. When Samba is started you will see a message telling you that the password is not set. To set the password and to create a user follow these steps:

To set a password:

Click on the menu button
Click on the Settings button
Click on Password
Enter Password
Click on the OK button

To set a username:

Click on Username
Enter a name
Click on the OK button
Click on the Back button

And that’s all you have to do to set a username and password.

To enable Samba follow these steps:

Click on the Menu button
Click on Enable
Click on the OK button

Now Samba is enabled.

To connect to your android device click on your Home icon in the launcher panel and click on Browse Network and your android device is listed in your network list. All you have to do is to double click on your device in the network list, enter the username and password and open the sdcard folder.

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