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Shorten boot time using profiling

Boot times in Jaunty and Karmic have improved a lot. There is however a trick to get a bit faster boot time. With profiling Ubuntu makes a list of all files that are accessed during booting, it then sorts the files according to how they are stored on your hard disk. The next time the system is booted, the files would be read faster resulting in a faster boot time

To profile boot follow these steps

  • At the grub menu highlight your favourite kernel.
  • Press e to edit.
  • Find and choose the line starting with kernel and press e again. Add the word profile to the end of this line. Hit Enter and then press b to boot

Please note that the 1st time booting with profiling the system will boot slower, the next time however the files should be arranged optimal on the hard disk and you should see an improvement. (of course performance increase depends on your system hardware and setup)

A nice tool to keep track of your boot times is bootchart. To install it open a terminal window and do a:

sudo apt-get install bootchart

This tool writes a graph in the /var/log/bootchart directory each time you boot your system.

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