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15 cool top themes for Ubuntu/Gnome

Collection of linux gnome/ubuntu themes for your desktop to enhance the user experience and make it more elegant and appealing, or simply just to look like a l33t.
For a good tutorial about installing themes check the n00bs at ubuntuforum

Moomex (Download Theme)



Blue Joy (Download Theme)


Darker Ice Murrina (Download Theme)


WilliBex (Download Theme)


BluBuntu Aurora (Download Theme)


Fedora Dark (Download Theme)


Ice Orange (Download Theme)


Effin2 (Download Theme)


Coal and Glass (Download Theme)


Moomex-Ultimatum (Download Theme)


Murrina LimeLight (Download Theme)


Glasa / Glasa-Pro (Download Theme)


Royale (Download Theme)


XNTricity (Download Theme)


Mac4Lin ver.0.4 GTK Metacity (Download Theme)


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