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The very competitive gameplay of Warsow focuses heavily on movement and trickjumps. Many of the tricks in Warsow, which originate from the Quake series, include circle-jumping, bunny hopping, strafe-jumping, double jumping, ramp-sliding, and rocket jumping. Warsow also gives players the ability to dash, dodge or wall jump, tricks that were originally possible in the Unreal series. It uses a separate button for most of the special movements, making it easier to use them while doing other things at the same time. The various movement tricks combine to add an extra dimension to the gameplay; as the player’s proficiency at moving increases, they are able to collect health, armour and weapons more quickly, more effectively overpower


screen_thumb enemies with their speed. The variety and flexibility of the physics has spawned an entire community dedicated to competing on the various Race maps that the game offers. Warsow also has a unique power-up system for weapons. In addition to regular ammunition, ammo boxes found on the map contain strong ammunition. Strong ammo either increases a weapon’s power or modifies its behaviour to make it more effective. Weapons are restricted to using strong ammunition until depleted, at which point it would switch back to using regular ammunition. Unlike Unreal and Quake, Warsow weapons do not have an "alternate fire" option (pressing a different button to use different attacks with the same weapon). Gamemodes Duel A battle between two individual players to score the most frags within a certain time limit, traditionally 10 minutes. Duel Arena Battle between two players, but with a queue that exchanges the lowest-ranked player with another player after each frag (the winner stays) Free for All A traditional free for all deathmatch. Weapon respawns are almost instant to compensate for the chaos and to give each player a chance at getting a weapon. Team Deathmatch Players are divided into two teams. The object is to have the highest number of frags, which is the sum of the frags of each individual player on a team, at the end of the predetermined time, usually 20 minutes. Capture the flag Plays similar to traditional Capture the Flag usually, but with one important difference: when a player picks up a flag, a countdown timer while holding the flag. Once the countdown timer expires, the flag is returned. In order to extend the timer, a teammate must stand on top of the enemies flag stand. This timer option can be disabled in the hosting server’s configuration setup though. Race Based on the DeFRaG modification for Quake III: Arena, players are challenged to race to the end of a map in the shortest amount of time possible. Clan Arena Based on Rocket Arena for Quake. Features different player classes and different weights within classes. Instagib Based on the Instagib mutator from Unreal Tournament. There are no weapons or health pickups around the map, and each player is given a hitscan one-shot-kill rifle. This is less of a gametype and more of a game option, as this can be used with any of the above gametypes (Instagib Deathmatch, Instagib Capture the Flag, et cetera).

Download Warsow here.

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