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5 Themes for Ubuntu

Here are 5 awesome themes for Ubuntu downloaded from

To install a theme watch the ubuntorial (theme used: Cabal)

Archiplex-Blue+Dark Download Here

When downloaded extract the Archiplex_Blue_Dark_by_elleti_brainvision file to your Desktop and install it.


Cabal Download Here


Lagadesk-Turquoise Download Here

When downloaded extract the files to your Desktop to install the GTK theme open the GTK+Metacity folder and install the LaGaDesk-Turquoise.tar.gz file. When using Emerald there is also a Emerald version and there is a wallpaper you can use.


Lithium Download Here

Download and extract the files to a folder on your Desktop to install the GTK theme install the Lithium.tar.gz file. If you use Emerald you can import the Lithium.emerald file.


Win2-7 3.1 Download Here

Download the theme pack and extract it in your Downloads folder, open a Terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and copy+paste the following line: ./Downloads/Win2-7\ Pack/


For more themes/eyecandy visit:

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12 years ago

For the newest Win2-7 pack (v6.4.3) All you need to do is extract the archive and double click on and click “Run in Terminal”.