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How To Enable Asterisks When Typing Your Password In A Terminal Session On Ubuntu

Normally when you type your password all you see is an empty line so here is a guide to enable asterisks (*) when typing your password in the terminal window.

To enable the asterisks need to add a line to your /etc/sudoers file. To scroll up and down the open file you can use the up/down and left/right arrows on your keyboard. To open the file open a terminal window (press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy+paste the command below:

sudo visudo

When the file is open add the following line under the line that says Defaults env_reset:

Defaults pwfeedback

You need to use the arrow up and down keys to scroll up and down the file. When the line is added save the changes and press Ctrl+X, type y to answer yes, press Enter to accept default file name and close the terminal window. From now on you will see an * when typing your password.

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