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Glest is a free 3D real-time cross-platform fully customizable computer game. The game is set in a period reminiscent of the Middle Ages and contains two playable and customizable factions, Magic and Tech. Since the release of version 2.0 there have been many changes, including new units, upgrades, and an overall expansion of the game. Version 3.0 added online play over LAN/Internet. In addition, new features are continually added with Glest Advanced Engine, or GAE, a completely separate engine that is also cross-platform. GAE is upwardly compatible with Glest.

screen_thumb Glest has a fairly large community[1], with custom maps, units, factions, and tech trees. The game is was originally released with two factions: Magic and Tech, which feature two different sets of units, buildings and upgrades. Various other factions have been created in mods as well. * Tech. Tech uses traditional human warriors and have medieval mechanical devices in their arsenal. Strong in hand to hand combat, this faction plays more like other strategy games but with several twists. Tech is ideal for novice players to get used to the game, but can also be deep and challenging for experienced players. * Magic. Targeted towards more advanced players. Most of their units are morphed or summoned from others, and it lacks the hand-to-hand combat strength of the Tech faction. However it features more versatile and powerful ranged attackers, which if used properly will match or even exceed the power of their technician counterparts. Modification Information * XML definitions. Each unit, building, upgrade, faction, resource defined is defined by a separate XML file. Each unit’s properties and commands are as well. By simply creating or modifying the correct folder structure and several of XML files, the game can be completely modded, and entire new factions or tech trees can be created. * G3D models. Glest uses its own 3D file format for unit models and animations. Models can be exported from 3ds Max or Blender. * Map editor. The map editor is a simple and easy to use and is also available to the public.

Download Glest here.

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