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Heroes Of Newerth Is Now Play For Free

HON (Heroes Of Newerth) is now open for free play, this means that you can create an account and play the game for free.

Heroes of Newerth is a Real-time Strategy game made by S2 Games based on the Warcraft III scenario Defense of the Ancients otherwise known as (DotA). To play HoN you first need to create an account on this page. When your account is made you can download the game from this page.

Before installing HoN you first need to make the file executable to do this open your Downloads folder, click with you right mouse button on the file and follow these steps:

Select Properties
Select Permissions
Mark Allow executing file as program
Click on the Close button

To install HoN follow these steps:

Double click on the file
Click on the Run button
Click on Next and accept license
Click on next (2 times)
When finished installing click on the Finish button
Restart your PC

To start Heroes Of Newerth press SuperKey+A (SuperKey is the one with the windows logo) and type: hon

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