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Heroes of Newerth Open Beta Has Started!

Heroes of Newerth is a Real-time Strategy game made by S2 Games based on the Warcraft III scenario Defense of the Ancients otherwise known as (DotA). Heroes of Newerth is currently in a OPEN testing phase.

To participate in the beta test, you must start by creating an account. If you already have a beta account, and need to download the beta client (current version is HoNClient-0.3.1) , log into the beta site.If you do not have an account yet, and would like to participate in the Heroes of Newerth beta, use THIS form to create your account now. To learn more about Heroes of Newerth, continue to the HoN website.

To install Heroes of Newerth first download the beta installer to your Downloads folder. Then Open a Terminal window (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and type:

cd Downloads

To make the file executable copy+paste the following line:

chmod +x

And to install copy+paste the following line:


When installed you can find Heroes of Newerth under Applications -> Games -> Heroes of Newerth

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