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How to download and install tinuz0theme v1.0

Here is gtk+ theme i’ve been working on for some months now… here it is tinuz0theme v1.0. Watch the video for a how to install… watch the video but READ and FOLLOW the instructions đŸ™‚

Open a Terminal window (Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and copy+paste the following lines:


chmod +x tinuz0theme

sudo ./tinuz0theme

Then click with your right mouse button on your desktop and select Change Desktop Background. Select the Theme tab and leave the Appearance Preferences window open. Select the tinuz0theme.tar.gz file on your Desktop then drag and drop it into the window with other theme’s. After the message that the new theme is installed correctly click on the tinuz theme and enjoy!!

The following files will be downloaded, extracted, copied and deleted after sudo ./tinuz0theme.

tinuz0theme-v1.0.tar.gz will be downloaded to your HOME folder. It will automaticly extract tinuz0theme.tar.gz and the wallpaper. The tinuz0theme.tar.gz is the file with the Gtk+ theme and will be copied to your Desktop. The wallpaper will be copied to your usr/share/themes folder. After the wallpaper has been copied it will be deleted from your Home folder. The tinuz0theme-v1.0.tar.gz and tinuz0theme files will also be deleted when the script is finished. The only 2 files left on your computer are the wallpaper and the theme. After adding the tinuz0theme you can delete the tinuz0theme.tar.gz file on your desktop.  I made this theme from several themes i found on the internet, changed the scripts and colors where needed and added the wallpaper. And created the bash script for an easy install…

We hope you like it!!

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