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How To Install OwnCloud Client On Ubuntu 12.10

After installing the ownCloud you need to install the ownCloud sync client to sync the files on your ownCloud server and your system. You can install the ownCloud client from the Ubuntu Software Center.

To install the owclient open your Ubuntu Software Center. Search for ownCloud client, select the search result and click on the Install button. Enter your password and click on the Autheticate button. When to ownCloud client is installed you can close the software center. To start the ownCloud client click on your Dash Home button and search for: owncloud client

At first startup a window opens saying that you need to configure the ownCloud client, to do this just follow these steps:

Click on the OK button to close the message.
Click with your richt mouse button on the ownCloud indicator.
Select Configure.
Enter the ownCloud server address.
Enter Username.
Enter Password.
Click on the Next button.
Click on the Finish button.

The default folder for the ownCloud client is:


To add a folder to your ownCloud follow these steps:

CLick with your richt mouse button on the ownCloud indicator.
Select Add folder.
Click on the Choose button and select the folder you want to sync.
Enter the name for the Folder in the Dirictory alias name field.
Click on the Next button.
Enter the folder name in the Folder on ownCloud field.
Click on the Finish button.
And thats it!

Now go to your ownCloud in your web browser and if all went well the synced folder is added to your ownCloud. To add more folders just repeat the steps above using different folders and names 😉

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