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How To Remove The Amazon, Music And Video Lens On Ubuntu 12.10

I don’t like the Online shopping (Amazon), music and video files displaying in my search results when i want to start an application. When i search for a file or a program i have no need to see what songs, videos or products i can buy, download, listen to or watch. What i want to see is a nice short, clean and useful list of programs/files. So i did some searching and found a way to remove the Amazon, music and video lenses. You can remove them using the Ubuntu Software Center or the terminal window. I prefer to use the terminal window so i will show you how to remove the lenses using the terminal window and at the end i will explain how to remove them using the software center.

To remove the lenses using the terminal window you need to open a terminal window, to do this press Ctrl+Alt+T. When the terminal window is open copy+paste the following lines:

To remove the Amazon/Online shopping lens:

sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

To remove the music lens:

sudo apt-get remove unity-scope-musicstores

To remove the video lens:

sudo apt-get remove unity-scope-video-remote

It’s also possible to remove the unity photo and google documents lenses, to remove them you can use the ubuntu software center. Just search for the lenses and uninstall them. You can also remove them using the terminal window. To remove them use the following command lines:

For the photo lens

sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-photos

For the Google Documents lens:

sudo apt-get remove unity-scope-gdocs

When you removed all the lenses you may need to restart your session.

If you prefer to remove them using the Ubuntu Software Center, open the software center and search for: Shopping lens for unity, Music lens for unity And Video lens for unity, Unity lens photos and scope gdocs. Select the search result and click on the More Info button followed by clicking on the Remove button located on the right.

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Vanessa Mumford
11 years ago

Thanks for the information. Atleast now, I know how to delete it.