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How To Install CCSM And Enable the Desktop Cube on Ubuntu 14.04

Here is a guide to install the CompizConfig Settings Manager and an how to enable the desktop cube and the wobbly windows effect.

Please note that using the effects can slow down your system. When enabling/disabling some plugins your desktop will freeze, don’t panic just wait!

First you need to install the compizconfig-settings-manager and the compiz-plugins-extra packages. To install the packages open a terminal window (press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy+paste the following line:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-plugins-extra -y

When the packages are installed you can close the terminal window.

To enable the effects you can use CCSM, to open CCSM press the Dash Home key (the key with the Windows logo) and type: cssm

To enable the desktop cube.

Click on the General Options button
Select Desktop Size tab
Set Horizontal Virtual Size to 4
Click on the Back button
Disable the Desktop Wall
Enable Desktop Cube
Enable Rotate Cube
Enable Cube Reflection and Deformation

To enable Wobbly windows.

Disable Snapping Windows (you can find this in the Window Management section)
Enable Wobbly Windows

Change the window animations

To change the window animations click on the Animations button in the Effects section. Here you can change the effects for opening, closing, (un)minimize and the shade animations. Click on the tabs to change the effects.

Some tweaks to pimp the cube…

Enable the Skydome.

Select the Desktop Cube effects and click on the Appearance tab. Enable the Skydome option, click on the browse button and select an image you want to use as a background for the cube.

Enable the Animate Skydome if you want to make the Skydome image slide in the same direction as the cube.

Change the top and bottom images, add a reflection to the Skydome or change the cube’s shape.

To change the top and bottom images from the cube Click on the Cube Reflection and Deformation settings. In the Cube Caps tab you can change the top or bottom images.

To add a reflection to the Skydome image click on the Reflection tab and enable the option.

To change the shape of the cube Click on the Deformation tab and select one of the Deformation options. You can choose: None (use this option for the cube), Cylinder and Sphere.

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