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Install Compiz Fusion And Extra Effects Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”

Here is a guide to install the Advanced Desktop Effects Settings, the Compiz Fusion Icon, the Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager and the compiz-fusion-plugins-extra effects.

Compiz Fusion is the result of the re-unification of the Beryl-project and the community around the Compiz Window Manager. It seeks to provide an easy and fun-to-use windowing environment, allowing use of the graphics hardware to provide impressive effects, amazing speed and unrivalled usefulness.

Compiz Homepage

Features of Compiz and Compiz Fusion

Hardware-accelerated window management and desktop compositing through OpenGL, using rendering paths like AIGLX, Xgl and direct rendering solutions on some hardware.

Powerful and flexible plugin interface, allowing almost limitless extension possibilities.

ARGB rendering, allowing true transparency when the applications support ARGB visuals.

Compiz Configuration System

A library which offers transparent support for gconf, kconf and ini settings storage.

A GUI Plugin Configuration Manager, CCSM

Many community and developer contributed plugins

Main Plugins – Plugins which many users will find useful

Extra Plugins – Plugins that add eye candy or less sought after functionality

Window Decorators, which provide window frames and titlebars

GTK Window Decorator – Window decorator that supports GNOME Metacity themes

KDE Window Decorator – Window decorator that supports KDE KWin themes

Emerald – Window decorator that is custom themeable and supports full Alpha blended themes.

First open Your Ubuntu Software Center (Applications ->Ubuntu Software Center)

In the serach field type compiz and select Advanced desktop Effects Settings (ccsm) and click on the Install button

Fill in your Password and click on the Authenticate button

To go back to the search results click on the Search Results button

Now select Compiz Fusion Icon and click on the Install button

Now select Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager and click on the Install button, when the installation is finished close your Ubuntu Software Center.

To open your CompizConfig Settings Manager:

Go to Applications -> System Tools and select Compiz Fusion Icon

Right click the Compiz icon and select Settings Manager.

And the CompizConfig Settings Manager is opened.

To open your Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager:

Right click with your mouse on your Desktop and select Change Desktop Background

Select the Visal Effects tab and click on the Preferences button

Now the Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager is opened.

To install the extra effects plugin for Compiz Fusion:

First open your Synaptic Package Manager (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager)

Fill in your password and click on the Ok button

In the search field type: compiz-fusion-plugin-extra, click on the search result with your right mouse button and select mark for installation

Click on the Apply button

Click on the Aplly button to install

Wait while downloading the package files

Wait while installing the package

When the package is installed click on the close button

Now the extra plugin is installed and you can close the Synaptic Package Manager.

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David Boone
David Boone
13 years ago

compiz-fusion-plugin-extra isn’t in the repositories on my synaptic. What do I do to get it?

how to roll a joint
13 years ago

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12 years ago

It’s Linux, learn to use the terminal (especially learn to reboot the gui from terminal)