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Install Deja Dup Backup Tool On Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”

Déjà Dup is really just a clever graphical wrapper around the command line backup tool Duplicity. You can read more about Duplicity on its Homepage, but basically, it uses rsync to generate incremental, encrypted backup volumes.

Déjà Dup is a simple backup tool. It hides the complexity of doing backups the ‘right way’ (encrypted, off-site, and regular) and uses duplicity as the backend.

• Support for local or remote backup locations, including Amazon S3
• Securely encrypts and compresses your data
• Incrementally backs up, letting you restore from any particular backup
• Schedules regular backups
• Integrates well into your GNOME desktop

Déjà Dup Homepage

Open your Ubuntu Software Center (Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center)

In the search field type: deja dup

Click on the Install button

Fill in your password and click on the Authenticate button

Wait while installing

When the installation is finished you can close the Ubuntu Software Center

You can find Déjà Dup under Applications -> System Tools -> Déjà Dup Backup Tool

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