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Install Robombs Using PlayDeb

Robombs is a free Bomberman inspired multiplayer game in 3D. It takes the basic concept of Bomberman and transfers it into the 3rd dimension. It’s free, fun, easy to grasp and a nice addition to your next LAN-party.

To install Robombs go to the Robombs page on PlayDeb and click on the Install this now button. Enter your password and follow the on screen instructions. Once installed you can find Robombs under Apllications -> Games -> Robombs.

Robombs PlayDeb page

Robombs Homepage

Albeit it has been designed as a multiplayer game, it also offers a basic singleplayer mode for you to have a little bombing fun even when none of your friends is available. It has been designed for LAN play. It may work over the internet too, but it hasn’t been optimized for this mode. The game comes with 9 levels (more to come in the future). All levels are roughly based on other games. You’ll find a maze similar to Pac-Man’s, an Arkanoid inspired one, one that is based on a Call of Duty 4 level etc.


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