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List Of Unity Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity. This list can be found in the Ubuntu Desktop Guide that comes with Unity, to open it press Alt+F2 and type: help and then do a search for keyboard shortcuts.

What is the “Meta” key? The meta key is the key between the Ctrl and Alt keys on your keyboard. It may sometimes be called the Windows key, logo key, system key, super key or even the Ubuntu key. If you have an Apple keyboard, there will not be a meta key on your keyboard. The Command (Cmd) key can be used instead.

The meta key serves a special function in Unity. If you press the meta key, the Dash is displayed. If you press and hold the meta key, the Launcher will be displayed.

Using the Dash and the Launcher.

Tap Meta: Open the Dash and tap again to close. The Dash opens with focus on the search box to find applications and files. Using the arrow keys will navigate the results; use Enter to launch.

Hold Meta: Reveal the launcher.

Meta+1: Start the first launcher item or switches to it if it is already running. If Shift is also pressed, will open a new window.

Meta+2: Start the second launcher item or switches to it if it is already running. This pattern continues until Alt+0 which opens the tenth item.

Alt+F1: Open the launcher. Use arrow keys to navigate and Enter to start or switch to an application.

Alt+F2: Open the Dash in a special mode to run commands that you type in. Press Enter to run the current command. You can also use the arrow keys to choose a different command and press Enter to run it.

Meta+A: Open the Applications lens.

Meta+F: Open the Files and folders lens.

Meta+T: Open the Trash.

Ctrl+Alt+T: Open the Terminal.
Alt: Reveals the Application Menu. Alt+F opens the File menu.

F10 Open the menu. Use the arrow keys to navigate. You can also access the indicator menus.

Getting around the desktop

Alt+F4: Close the current window.

Alt+F10: Maximize the current window. If the window is already maximized, unmaximize it.

Alt+Tab: Quickly switch between windows. Hold down Shift for reverse order.

Meta+D: Hide all windows and show the desktop. Press the keys again to restore your windows.

Meta+S: Activate the workspace switcher. Zoom out on all workspaces.

Meta+W: Activate “Expo” mode. Show all windows from all workspaces.

Shift+Alt+↑: Activate “Expo” mode. Show all windows from current workspace.

Ctrl+Alt+Arrow keys: Switch between workspaces.

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Arrow key:s Move the current window to a different workspace.

Ctrl+Alt+L: Lock the screen.

Common editing shortcuts

Ctrl+A: Select all text or items in a list.

Ctrl+X: Cut (remove) selected text or items and place it on the clipboard.

Ctrl+C: Copy selected text or items to the clipboard.

Ctrl+V: Paste the contents of the clipboard.

Ctrl+Z: Undo the last action.

Capturing from the screen

Print Screen: Take a screenshot.

Alt+Print Screen: Take a screenshot of the active window.

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12 years ago

The combination key is alt + “letter”, or is META (super) + “letter”?? I think the second is the right combination. Please, check this. Bye!!