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Ubuntu font family now has MONO

This is the first time that a commercial font foundry has been prepared to undertake *any* kind of phased beta. The Ubuntu font as you are aware is a beauty in all aspects, from being easy on the eye to being very unique.

This is it running in a normal terminal, click to enlarge.

The concept of so many people desperately wanting to test the font is a new. As far as this font update leaking, I am not prepared to allow you access to the full set. So please allow me to introduce you to UbuntuBetaMono-BI.ttf and see how you get on with it. It is the BOLD ITALIC face. Remember its beta, and its going to be in beta for a very long while yet. cannot be held responsible for any screw-ups.

File removed due to beta conditions. However you are more than welcome to join the Font interest. Click this link.



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