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Use the DNS for a faster and more secure browsing experience is a fast and private way to browse the Internet. It is a public DNS resolver, but unlike most DNS resolvers, is not selling user data to advertisers. The implementation of makes it the fastest resolver out there.

Setting up takes two minutes and requires no technical skill or special software. Even if you’re a computer novice below you will find an easy-to-follow setup guide. While these steps are for Ubuntu, most Linux distributions configure DNS settings through the Network Manager. Alternatively, your DNS settings can be specified in /etc/resolv.conf

  • Click the Applications icon on the left menu bar.
  • Click Settings, then Network.
  • Find your internet connection on the right pane, then click the gear icon.
  • Click the IPv4 or IPv6 tab to view your DNS settings.
  • Set the “Automatic” toggle on the DNS entry to Off.
  • Provide the DNS addresses in the DNS entries field:
  • For IPv6: 2606:4700:4700::1111,2606:4700:4700::1001
  • Click Apply, then restart your browser.
  • You’re all set! Your device now has faster, more private DNS servers

You can found more info about the DNS service on the homepage ( or on the info page from Cloudflare (

Happy browsing 😛

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