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WordPress: How to fix the cURL error 6: Could not resolve host error

When i wanted to upgrade WordPress to it’s latest version or wanted to connect to Jetpack i got an error message saying that the connection couldn’t be made. I did some searching and found an easy fix…..

When connecting to Jetpack i got the following error: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host:; Name or service not known and error saying that outbound https didn’t work. My https settings are all okay so that didn’t cause the problem. After some searching i noticed that most of the people who have this problem started to have the problem after a server sided upgrade. After some more digging i found out that the php upgrade was causing the problem and all i had to do was to reboot the server.

There’s only one little problem… i share the server with a busy forum so rebooting the server was not really an option. So instead of rebooting the server i decided to restart the httpd service. I logged in using ssh and restarted the httpd service using the following command line:

service httpd restart

When the service was restarted everything worked fine again, my blog is conected to Jetpack and all the update options are working too.

In my case it’s easy to fix because i maintain the server n00bs on Ubuntu is hosted on, if you don’t have ssh access or if your blog/site is hosted by a company you need to contact them and ask them if the can restart the service for you.

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