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Video Archive Has Been Removed

My video archive has been removed for some weird reason. My youtube account was linked to a google account and Google decided to suspend that account because they thought that the account name was not correct and the name used was not a normal name but a nick name.

They gave me 4 days to change the name into a “normal” name but when login into the google account to change the name i found out that the account has been suspended already (wtf!). Now i don’t mind it when they delete the account but i do mind deleting the linked youtube account… almost 4 years of videos just when down the drain. I did some searching on the internet but recovering your “deleted” account is possible but the “deleted” videos are gone for good.

I will keep making those silly silent videos but the old videos are gone for ever. I will create a new youtube channel (won’t link it to a google account) when i have some time for it and will upload new videos to the channel.

Sorry for the inconvenience..

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