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Enable Cube On Unity

Here is a guide to enable the desktop cube on Unity. Before enabling the cube you need to make a backup of your current settings. First open the CompizConfig settings manager (press Alt+F2 and type: ccsm) and click on the Preferences button in the left pane. Select Profile and click on the Export button. Think of a name for the profile (unity-backup) and save the settings.

To use the cube you need to have the CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm) installed. To install ccsm open a terminal window (press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy+paste the following line:

sudo apt-get install ccsm

To get the cube working you need to enable/disable some plugins. When enabling or disabling a plugin compiz will reload the settings so if your screen flickers or does nothing.. don’t panic. Wait for compiz to finish reloading and you can continue making the changes.

Press Alt+F2 and type: ccsm to open the compizconfig settings manager and disable the following plugins:

Ubuntu Unity Plugin
Desktop Wall
OpenGL (select “Disable these plugins” when asked)

After disabling the plugins you need to enable the following plugins:

Desktop Cube
Rotate Cube
Enhanced Zoom Desktop
Fading Windows
Ubuntu Unity Plugin

Now you need to check if these plugins are enabled (if not enable them)

Window Decorations
Place Windows
Move Window
Resize Window

When you Enable the Ubuntu Unity Plugin you will get some messages about several conflicts… Use these settings to fix them:

Resolve Conflicts.
Disable Rotate Flip Left
Disable Show Main Menu
Disable Run Dialog

When you are finished playing with the plugins you need to restart your system.

When your system is restarted you need to adjust the number of desktops. To do this press Alt+F2 and type: ccsm. Click on the General button and select General Options then click on the Desktop Size tab. Change the Horizontal Virtual Size to 4, the Vertical Virtual Size to 1 and when done close ccsm.

If you run into troubles you can import the backup you made in the beginning of this manual.

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