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Simple screen/window grabbing

When you press the PrtSc button up there on the top right of your keyboard, you will instantly grab a “snapshot” of your full desktop. However sometimes, this is not what you really want, at times you may want to grab one window, or perhaps saving as .PNG is not your requirements…

I’ve been looking around for a simple yet effective screen snapshot, tool as they are very useful for making these posts. So with a naked dance around the inter-webs, I stumble upon a “Superior Screen Capturing App for Ubuntu”. And here is what my desktop looks like around about when I press that button!

It was saved as a .jpg and compression is very high, so file-size is low therefore quality is utter bollocks really.

  • grab screenshot of desktop, active window and selection area of destop
  • copying screenshot into yhe clipboard
  • working on Windows and Linux operating systems
  • save screenshots in PNG and JPEG format
  • grab screenshot with delay (1 – 90 sec)
  • hide his window
  • Getting screenshots using global shortcuts
  • minimize to system tray and work from at (tray menu)

Click here for : Ubuntu 32bit version

Click here for : Ubuntu 64bit version

After clicking one of those, Ubuntu Software Centre should open it and install it for you.

When you run it for the first time you will get the wee window and perhaps it will have already taken a shot for you. How adorable your screen looks, doesn’t it? You should be able to figure out what you do, its not difficult. However, you will notice that if you still press PrtSc then Ubuntu will use the default grab mechanism. Lets not dive too deep, and lets just change some “shortcuts”. Click the Options button on the right, then on the window that pops up click on Shortcuts tab. And you will see this. Click “Fill Screen” and choose what you want to grab the whole screen, and do the same for “Active window”.

Enjoy grabbing things, just the way I do! And I wonder if you have noticed the typo in that window I just spotted. Ill be off to notify that nasty nasty coder!

UPDATE: Disable factory screen-grabbing shortcut.

Goto your Preferences menu and select “Keyboard Shortcuts”.

Select the “Take a screenshot” and press delete. Do this also for “Take a screenshot of a window” also if you wish to use that facility with Screengrab.

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12 years ago

what’s the better than Shutter?

12 years ago
Reply to  Rijal

I don’t know 🙂 i always take a screen shot using the print screen button on keyboard. After that i edit the screen shot using gimp