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Gnome recovery to default

So there I was, messing around with an account and I really messed things up. I was trying out new themes, settings and whatnot, then I ran into trouble.
Simply put, if you mess things up, there is a way to get it back to the defaults (how it was when you created the user account).
This way you dont have to re-install anything and you will keep all personal data.

In your terminal, type
sudo rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity
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Datz from Macedonia
Datz from Macedonia
13 years ago

Thanks! This is great. I was try it on my Unbuntu 10.10 Netbook edition.
Really wonderful. It is like I was have format, and here are all programs, downloaded stuffs. Themes which was make conflict in my system are erased. Addons and bookmarks are still inside in my Mozila Firefox. Is great. 1000 times thank you! 🙂
Best regards.

Datz from Macedona
Datz from Macedona
13 years ago
Reply to  nutellajunkie

Yes, time after time I’m still Windows user, and I have windows as a secondary OS in my laptop. I use now Windows because is so very hard for me to install my T-mobile USB modem on Ubuntu.
I practice Ubuntu for all everything else.
And I’m big supporter of you and your good work longer then 2 years.
btw this website is one of my favorites.

God bless all of you, with my respect