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Script To Upgrade Kernel To Version v3.2-rc6-precise On Ubuntu 11.10

Here is a script to upgrade your kernel to version v3.2-rc6-precise, i tested this script on my 32 bit system with an nvidia card (geforce 220 GT) and it works fine. But on my laptop with an ATI card the kernel doesn’t work. As always… use on your own risk it might break your system.

First download the file and extract the content into your download folder. After that make the file executable using the following command line in a terminal window (press Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal window):

For 32 bit systems:
chmod +x Dowwnloads/upgrade-kernel-to-v3.2-rc6-precise-32bit

For 64 bit systems:
chmod +X Downloads/upgrade-kernel-to-3.2-rc6-64bit

To run the script copy+paste the following line:

For 32 bit systems:
sudo ./Downloads/upgrade-kernel-to-v3.2-rc6-precise-32bit

For 64 bit systems:
sudo ./Downloads/upgrade-kernel-to-3.2-rc6-64bit

Download the script for 32 bit systems
Download the script for 64 bit systems

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